Photo Challenge Day 16: It’s OK to IDK.

When I first started working at my current district, I got asked a lot of questions to which I had no answer–so much so that I hung this picture up in my office.



It pretty much summed up how I felt as the newbie, but it also reminded me not to be so hard on myself that I didn’t know all the answers.  After all, I could go ask someone, or look it up on my own, or collaborate with others to come up with an answer.  Not knowing wasn’t a reflection of my ability; it’s OK to IDK.  What’s not OK is taking that personally and letting it rob you of your own forward momentum.  It’s also not OK to use that IDK as an excuse, a crutch, a reason to not move forward and learn what’s needed to help ourselves and help our students.  If we do that in this business of helping students learn and grow as learners, we’re not only robbing ourselves–we’re robbing our students.



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