Photo Challenge Day #15: Work in the right direction.

I’ve missed a few days of my photo challenge because I was out of town running a marathon and then got wrapped up in work.  I decided that this was perfectly OK, since this is my own challenge and I am the one who makes the rules anyway, and my new rules is “if you miss a few days it doesn’t matter; just pick up where you left off.”

So here I am, picking it back up with this picture of my obviously well-loved keyboard.


I know, I know–I’m not very popular with IT.  But I type very, very hard, and my nails rub these exact same keys off every keyboard I’ve ever had.  I like to think that this is how I subconsciously take out my stress; my administrator husband likes to tell me that I type as hard as I work.

Hard work.  It’s what’s valued in students, in employees, in people in general.  But the thing you have to ask yourself is this–is all that hard work moving everyone in the direction that supports and improves student learning?  Because that’s the only direction that’s the right direction.

When you’re down in the details of managing change in schools, sometimes you lose sight of that direction, especially when you spend your days putting out fires that pop up during the day, the week, the month.  I’ve realized that you have to train yourself to get out of the details every now and then and get your head up into that 10,000 foot view.  It’s only there that you can see if everything that everyone is doing is moving in the direction of better student learning.

But first the people leading and managing the change all have to know the direction you’re going.


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