Photo Challenge Day 10: Google Classroom Goodness

We had a half-day institute day today, and I was invited to the high school to do some optional Google Classroom training for those that wanted to attend. Because I completely forgot to take a picture during the session, all you get today is a screenshot of my Google Classroom Sandbox where teachers can muck about and try things out.

Screen Shot 2017-12-01 at 3.27.55 PM
Welcome to my sandbox.

We had a beginner/intermediate session and offered an advanced session as well for those that wanted to explore features in more detail.  It was great to see people spend their time learning about how to use technology with students, especially since our district is not 1:1 and balancing the online with the paper-based isn’t always easy for teachers.

If you’re interested in seeing the activities for the sessions, they are linked for you below.  WARNING: Because I am a huge nerd, I developed objectives as well as a self-assessment for some sessions.

Beginner Session Objectives & Self-Assessment

Intermediate Session Objectives & Self-Assessment

Advanced Session Objectives

All feedback (or questions) are welcome in the comments!

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