Photo Challenge Day #7: Growth Mindset

I found this in a middle school math classroom this afternoon:


What a fantastic reminder for students to change their words in order to help them persevere, especially in math where students come in with that “I can’t do math” mindset much too often. We have to remember that we have to teach students this mindset–they don’t come automatically pre-loaded with it.  Also, students can have a growth mindset about one thing (sports, for example) and have a fixed mindset about other areas (math!).  Teaching students to recognize when the fixed mindset has taken over is a great step in helping them learn how to help themselves when they start to struggle.

And what a fantastic reminder for myself, as well, as we try and go about changing our assumptions and beliefs about students and what they can do in classrooms.  Are we going to make mistakes?  Yes.  But we have to remind ourselves to self-correct and reassure ourselves we’re on the right track to improve student learning in our district.  We can’t give up just because obstacles (real or perceived) are standing in our way.

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