Here I go blogging again: My own 365-day picture challenge

I know I’ve been posting sporadically on this blog, and there’s been a reason for that.  My educational blogging wasn’t always received well in my current work environment, so I put it on hold.  Until now, that is.

Lately I’ve been losing my administrative mojo, despite the determination in my previous post.  I’ve been despairing too much over the enormity of the changes that need to take place to improve student learning and how to get all parts of the system in concert with one another to really make positive changes happen for kids that is in line with current best practice…and I need to give myself my own light at the end of my tunnel, so to speak.   So I’ve decided to turn on the light with one of those 365-day blogging challenges, only it’s a challenge of my own making.  I’m challenging myself to find an image a day that is inspiring, uplifting, hopeful, or just plain cool and post it. Then I’ll explain how it’s an example of our district moving forward or how it’s evidence that I am progressing in my own development as an administrator.

Sometimes you have to force yourself to focus on progress when you’ve been blinded by shortcomings, either in the system or in yourself.

To start this little challenge of mine off, we have the picture below:


This picture is from our high school’s new gym.  We recently did some practice PSAT & SAT testing for the first time (the SAT is now the high school state accountability test…and it used to be the ACT prior to last school year), and when the teachers were presented with the disaggregated data from the testing, I was impressed with how they took the data and ran with it.  There were no excuses for the data (which wasn’t as good as expected), just how to take action with the data–which is exactly the mindset we need to help prepare our students for this assessment of college readiness.

This is the mindset that’s needed to move forward, rather than sitting around and admiring a problem without doing much about it.  And, to be honest, that’s the very reason I decided to start blogging again: I had to do something to drag myself out of the mental space I currently find myself.

I hope you enjoy this challenge as much as I think I will.


(By the way, I have been blogging all this time–just not here.  If you’re into running, fitness, or are into reading what I call “facetious fitness garbage,” you’re welcome to check out my fitness blog.  You’ll read about my running adventures and see lots of stupid photos of me doing various fitness things.  I don’t take things so seriously over there like I do here.  You’ve been warned!)

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