Organizational Re-alignment: A few questions

I’ve posted this quote before, but I find it relevant again as school years start and initiatives get rolling and people are moving along with plans for forward progress in their schools:


So, if organizations are aligned to achieve the results they are currently getting, to get different results, the organization needs to be re-aligned (hopefully not misaligned).  But realigned how?  And, after the proper realignment is determined, what pushback or resistance will be encountered?  And what perceived loss aversion/risk aversion is at the root of that resistance, and how can it be addressed in such a way as to keep moving forward while addressing what practices, ideas, and philosophies need to be left in the past?  What will be done if there is unanticipated resistance where people want to remain firmly rooted in past “good” and have no desire to get to future “great?”

I wish I had the answers to these questions.  I wish I could give magical answers that would magically fix every school system on the planet.  But the answers depend on the organization; however, if you’re looking to change, they are questions that must be asked and discussed.

And they’re never easy.  But any problem worth solving is never, ever easy.

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