So here’s some 6th grade Social Studies curriculum for your viewing pleasure.

When you image search “curriculum,” this picture shows up.

I’m a Curriculum Director that digs writing curriculum.  I love writing it, arranging it, revising it, planning instruction for it – I love everything about curriculum writing.  It may be that I just love the act of creating….or that I’m just a huge curriculum nerd with no real life of her own.  Regardless, when the opportunity arose to write some 6th grade social studies curriculum because we in Illinois were lucky enough to have new social studies standards bestowed upon us, I jumped at the chance.

And what I’ve come up with so far is below for your viewing pleasure.  Know some things before you take a peek:

  1. I’m not done.
  2. I’m writing proficiency scales for all of the I can statements.
  3. I’m starting with the “global” ones that can be used in any unit at any time, since they are working on developing skills that take WAY more than 2 weeks for students to master (i.e., argument writing, evaluating credible sources, etc.)
  4. Have I mentioned I’m not done?
  5. Have I mentioned I don’t have a life of my own?
  6. The actual social studies “stuff” will be layered in after the “global” I can statements are solidified so we can figure out what content we need to use as a vehicle to master those global skills.

As I add elements into this document, I will alert everyone in a new post.  Until then, I’d love any feedback you have!

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