Teach less and give more feedback.

As I was scrolling through my Twitter today, I came across the tweet below:


I was having a conversation last week with a teacher that is trying to do just that – less teaching, more feedback, to allow for student ownership of learning.  She said the thing that is upsetting her the most about letting students have more control in the classroom is that she has less control – and she doesn’t feel like a “real teacher.”

I told her that real teachers help students learn, and learning doesn’t happen until we stop doing all the talking.  That’s the purpose of school, after all – to help students be learners by having them do the learning.

Our job isn’t to feed students all the information in an easily understandable format so they can repeat it back to us with ease, only to forget it just as easily.  Deep understanding takes time, clear criteria for success, mistakes, do-overs, and clear feedback for students so they can focus their learning efforts.

Learning happens when we stop talking and give students meaningful, rich tasks that foster their own learning development. Teach less. More feedback.


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