Plan for learning, and then get out of the way.

It took me about 12 years of teaching to realize I was doing everything backwards in my classroom.

I planned for what I was going to do in front of the students, then planned for what students would be doing to repeat back to me what I said to show they listened.  Repeat ad infinitum, ad nauseam.

Before this little epiphany, I never got out of their way and let students learn.  I mean REALLY learn.  Like “ask their own questions, do their own research, come up with their own solutions, use Googleable stuff in a new situation like they’ll have to do in life” kind of learning.

It’s tough to realize you’re the biggest obstacle to learning in the room.

I wasn’t planning for learning.  I was planning the Mrs. E show on a regular basis, when I really needed to change the programming and turn the camera back on my students.  I needed to watch their learning rather than have them watch me do my job.

Just like amazing things happen for students when adults get their egos out of the way, amazing things happen for students when we let them do the learning.  And then get out of the way.


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